About me

Kirnan is an illustrator / storyboarder currently situated in Ecuador.

After 6 years work experience in St.Lucia with the Cayman Island based company; Caribbean Publishing Company Ltd, where he was  in charge of the conception and production of artwork for Advertisements, he decided to study Graphic Design at the Freiburg College for Graphic Design and Visual Arts in Freiburg Germany. There he had the opportunity to match the previous experience with essential theory, as well as develop as an artist, particularly in the fields of Storyboard, Illustration and Animation.
Thereafter he moved to Berlin to work with an architecture and multimedia company by the name of Triad where he worked with an interdisciplinary team responsible for exhibitions and brand environments. While there he was also introduced to 3D modelling which he subsequently explored more thoroughly.
Next  Kirnan worked with MBD Film in Berlin producing animatics for an animated children series which aired on Nickelodeon. As a freelancer he also storyboards several television commercials, illustrates explanation videos and does graphic recording at conferences.